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Besalú Belle is a small medieval village, is more than a millennium. Today it is home to 2000 people. It is located about 20 miles from Figueres, and is one of the most accurate historical sites in all of Catalonia.

The former centre of the Catalan religion and commerce, which includes 12 Besalu century Gothic church of Sant Pere, Sant Vincenc and Sant Julia. However, within these pages can be visited on guided tours. But, if you have a euro deposit in the slot near the window on the front of the doors of Barcelona churches, halls are within the
Barcelona Hotels lit for 3 minutes.

On your visit to Besalu, you can clear a path winds above the river Fluvia a novel by walls of the old bridge, with towers and garrets. The Barcelona bridge is not fair, but this type and angles, because of the river rocks, as a basis for the pillars of the bridge.

Most of the impressive body of his miracles is a visit to the
Hotels in Barcelona of the Jewish Quarter, where the only Jewish ritual Mikvah, can be visited in the Iberian Peninsula. The Mikve was a Jewish woman, bathroom, for the cleaning of their menstrual cycle.

Besalu to reach by car, take exit 6 in the direction of the A7, Girona to Palafrugell, Palamós. Then follow the exit right onto C66 Besalú. Besalu may also be accessed by train or bus. Refer to the Office du Tourisme de la Plaza de la Libertat Besalu, Girona, 34 972591240, or by e-mail besalu@ddgi.es